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Benefits Of Dealing With Us:


  • We have a big variety of products to suit your needs.
  • We provide training to all our brokers.
  • Expand your business.
  • We have experienced staff that will give you guidance and expert advice on the everyday management of your credit applications.     


Why Use Us:

Lanevision has the knowledge, the influence and the experience to help you acquire the best products and level of service for your business. Lanevision is a fully-fledged Origination Company operating within the borders of South Africa. We mainly focus on networks/ partners to market our products. We specialize in personal loans, funeral policies, merchant finance and cell phone products for all risk clients.

We are totally focused on client service, as well as to create the opportunity for individuals to become independent entrepreneurs with high income streams. Lanevision has an expanding footprint throughout South Africa to service their growing clientèle.


Products Offers:

Loans                            - Unsecured loans up to R120 000 repayable over a maximum term of 48 months.


Merchant Finance Loans - These loans are bundled with an electronic device/ product along with a cash                                                  component where both the loan as well as the device is financed. The total finance                                        amount is up to R120 000 over a maximum term of 48 months.



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