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About Us



Lanevision was established in 2013 with one common goal to service the needs of their network countrywide. Every business set goals for efficiency, liquidity and profitability. Lanevision supports these goals by providing competitive products and other comprehensive financial solutions to its network.

Lanevision’s management boasting a combined total of more than 28 years in the credit industry. Lanevision specializes in providing credit for their merchant products (mainly in the IT/Electronics market) by utilizing their countrywide network. Lanevision operates from Head Office in Gauteng.



To be the preferred provider of IT/Electronic supplies to its network and to provide reliable and sustainable finance options through our credit providers. 



  • To provide our network with high end quality electronic products
  • To ensure our network/ clients have access to affordable finance options.
  • To render a professional service addressing the electronic/financial needs of customers.
  • To maximise shareholders'/strategic partners' value.




We will endeavour to:

  • always put customers first.
  • fair and ethical in dealings with customers.
  • give customers clear information about products and services.
  • be responsible and deal fairly with any complaints.
  • comply with legal and industry obligations.




Lanevision, through its national network and back office solution, offers services to our external customers that consist of the following:


  • integrated administrative and back office services.
  • resource service.
  • training options
  • management support.
  • quality control, applications and supporting documents



Seen against this background, Lanevision aims to provide a complete, high tech, one stop administrative solution for our suppliers/credit provider to add to the total customer satisfaction. It achieves this through its employment of skilled management and staff in all the areas of the business. This resource services is the platform from which, across the company, the strategies, operations and administration of people and our network and of course leadership, connects.




As a specialist originator, Lanevision has access to a huge network, which can offer and provide customers with the most comprehensive range of products, especially in the electronics sector.

Our distribution channels ranges from:


  • Brokers
  • Call centers
  • Online businesses
  • Lead providers 
  • Partners
  • The independent, driven entrepreneur
  • The self-starter